Just because I smile doesn’t mean I don’t hurt. I’m constantly hurting. But if I reacted to everytime I felt not good enough, not pretty enough, just not to a standard that is adequate to make someone happy, people would know how sad I was.  People would see my fears, my flaws, my weakness. They … More Expired

Touching Base

Life has had me busy. Life, kids, husband, work, family and friends.  I will say that life has been good to me lately. Exhausting…. But good. I’ve had dark moments in the past…moments I have shared with all of you…..it feels good to breathe easier. Home life has been good, calm, and happy. Work has … More Touching Base


Hope all is well with each one of you. Life has kept me busy….but I’m due for a post soon. Until then, I hope the world is treating each one of you kind!