Tonight, I remember…

Most young girls dreamed of their first kiss. My first kiss was taken, my first kiss was you, my first men male touch was you.. I was a child and yet you had no regard for that. You were an adult, someone I was supposed to trust, someone they trusted would watch over me. You … More Tonight, I remember…


Just because I smile doesn’t mean I don’t hurt. I’m constantly hurting. But if I reacted to everytime I felt not good enough, not pretty enough, just not to a standard that is adequate to make someone happy, people would know how sad I was.  People would see my fears, my flaws, my weakness. They … More Expired


Hope all is well with each one of you. Life has kept me busy….but I’m due for a post soon. Until then, I hope the world is treating each one of you kind!

My Path

You’ve seen this woman grow up. I’m no longer the lost, scared, angry, girl you met.  I’m full of life with a lot of love to give.  Sometimes I’m lost, but I always find my … Source: My Path

There were no winners

Who were you to make a competition out of her? I loved her equally… I needed and wanted her more… You got to keep her.. But there were no winners.. You lost her love.. I lost her touch.. She lost herself. There were no winners.